Public Records Request

A person may request a copy of a record in person, in writing, by telephone or by electronic means. More information on public records requests can be found on the following website:

If you are new to competitive bidding or have not been successful at competitive bidding, consider making a public records request to review the current contract or agreement and the winning bid.  Knowing what ISU has paid in the past and/or what was required to fulfill the contract may help a supplier prepare their bid response the next time that contract comes up for bid.

The Iowa Fair Information Practices Act requires the contents of bids to be placed in the public domain immediately after the bids have been evaluated and an award has been made.  This law applies to both formal and informal bids and provides for protection of confidential and proprietary information.  Any person may ask to review bids and has the right to do so and to request photocopies.  Charges for photocopies (25 cents per page, as well as time spent to redact proprietary information and postage) may be applied if significant copies and/or time are involved.