Customer Service Award


Recognizing Suppliers that go above and beyond to provide professional, responsive and proactive service to Iowa State University.  Suppliers must demonstrate their ability and willingness to: consistently provide high level customer service to Iowa State University, maintain and foster relationships with Iowa State University (including key stakeholders), and align their internal resources with Iowa State University needs.


Must be a current Iowa State University contracted Supplier with a 2 year or greater working relationship with Iowa State University.


  • Supplier provides professional, responsive, proactive service to Iowa State University.
  • Supplier has provided a consistent and reliable point of contact.
  • Supplier responds to requests and resolves issues in a timely manner.
  • Supplier provides expertise in products and services provided.
  • Supplier maintains and makes efforts to foster relationships with Iowa State University and key stakeholders (these may include procurement, contract users, shoppers, etc.).


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