Strategic Partnership Award


Recognizing extraordinary collaboration and innovation between a contracted Supplier and Iowa State University.  Suppliers must demonstrate true partnership efforts through providing value, exceeding expectations and taking a proactive approach to present new initiatives and alternative solutions to enhance the contract and working relationship with Iowa State University.


 Must be a current Iowa State University contracted Supplier which provides products and/or services that are broadly used University-wide and has a 3 year or greater working relationship with Iowa State University.


  • Supplier has provided dedicated account representative(s) that are responsive to inquiries for a majority of the working relationship.
  • Supplier has added value to the contract/working relationship by providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to answer questions.
  • Supplier offers discounts and incentives to assist Iowa State University in achieving savings goals.
  • Supplier presents innovative products and services throughout the year.
  • Supplier proactively monitors and adjusts pricing (ex: core list, discount structure, successful supplier audit).
  • Supplier demonstrates innovation or problem solving as evidenced through examples of the advice or solutions offered to meet the needs of Iowa State University.


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