cyBUY Supplier of the Year Award


Recognizing Suppliers with a catalog in the cyBUY Marketplace, our eProcurement platform, that go above and beyond to provide exceptional value and extraordinary customer service to Iowa State University. Suppliers must demonstrate their ability and willingness to consistently provide high level, responsive customer service, and maintain and update core lists/contract pricing to align with the needs of Iowa State University.


Must be a current Iowa State University cyBUY, eProcurement, Supplier and have had a catalog on cyBUY for 2 or more consecutive years. Internal stores (Central Stores, Chemistry Stores, Printing Services, the Bookstore, and Transportation Services) are not eligible for this award.


  • Supplier provides a consistent and reliable point of contact.
  • Supplier meets contract obligations (ex: delivery times, reporting, sustainability, etc.).
  • Supplier provides expertise in products and/or services provided.
  • Supplier’s eProcurement Catalog is easy to use, reliable, and searchable.
  • Supplier implements changes to enhance the shopper's experience,


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